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Advantages of using IP Phones

IP telephony is a very advanced technology that allows for the usage of video, audio, wired and wireless communication by use of Internet Protocol networks. Internet protocol phones or IP phones provide a myriad of benefits such as improved performance, cost savings, less initial investment, and scalability.

There are three distinct kinds of possible communication connections in IT telephony systems; computer to computer, telephone to telephone and telephone to a computer. Get more info on pabx system uganda. The main benefit of this telephone system is the cost-effectiveness - most especially for the business enterprises which make many and long distance calls. When companies use this technology, they end up saving so much money in making long distance calls.

The big business corporations save so much money that could have been used in paying telephone costs. Since VOIP technology highly relies on internet connectivity, not the costly dedicated networks like the traditional phone systems, the IP service providers are capable of passing the benefits to their consumers by charging reasonably lower prices.

Since the IP telephone systems are software-based, they are easily scalable, making their integration with other similar applications feasible. Unlike the traditional phone systems, adding new phones to an existing IP phone system will not require an extra line. With the continued advancement in VoIP technology, the IP phone's voice quality has drastically improved in recent times. The usual complaints about poor quality of voice and delays in the transmission process are no longer an issue.

Professionals concur that the quality of voice for the IP telephone systems nowadays is improved compared to the ones provided by the conventional phone systems. It is common knowledge that installing internet telephone systems needs lower investment costs, unlike traditional services. The saving will not just be on the money, but also the time used. Get more info on ip telephone system. Due to its software reliability, the maintenance costs for IP systems are marginal, and any technical issue can be quickly noted and instantly corrected.

It is quite evident that many business entities are opting for the IP phone systems to enjoy cost effective and better quality communication facilities. Even though VoIP technology provides quality communication, you will require high speed and reliable internet connection to enjoy communication of data, video, and voice at an affordable price and in one line. The old phone services only offer basic features like voicemail, caller identification, three-way conferencing and call waiting. IP phones will also allow these features and other extra features not found in these tradito0nal phone networks.

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